Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So, I don't know if I've mentioned it on here, but:

The classroom I teach in is really... primitive. It's in an OLD building that is under construction. It's basically a gym (like the old high school style gym) with a few classrooms in it. Not handicapped accessible at all. One minuscule locker room bathroom that doesn't function half the time. My classroom has a 3x5 chalkboard, half scuffed and unusable. For lack of a better word: it's GHETTO.

I have asked TWICE to be moved. Once because of the lack of technology, and the other because of the construction going on INSIDE THE CLASSROOM and me having to shout over dirty construction worker talk, sparking electrical outlets, etc. My kids have yet to take a quiz/test in peace.

So yesterday, as I'm about to begin my lesson, the 90+ year old radiator starts squirting BOILING water, which was pooling near my students. Figured we'd ignore it and just move the desks, I try to begin teaching, when steam started to come out. It was just a little..I still tried to get the class' attention and begin. Within 3 minutes, the class was FILLED with rotten-pipe-smelling smoke/steam. I had to EVACUATE my classroom. No other classrooms in the building and a few clueless office assistants later, I'm trying my best to teach French in a gym, along side a yoga class that is pissed that I'm there. It was like pulling teeth to get my students to participate.. they were done. I lost them. Lost lesson, I'm going to have to reteach it.

I'm annoyed because I requested twice for a change before anything bad happened, and I was ignored. Now, one of my students or myself could have gotten badly hurt/burned and there was barely anyone else in the building around to help us, no phone for us to call for help on, not even an ADULT in the offices!