Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not quite an F...but certainly not an A

Test #2 (the last one before the final): not so hot. They didn't do that well. Yeah, it was a "heftier" test than the first one, and we didn't finish the review game, but still. It's nothing that difficult. Or least I don't think so.

And boy, some of the answers they give me...some are so wrong it's comical, and others are correct possibilites I haven't even thought of. The spectrum is so huge, it blows my mind.

I've decided to become the Extra Credit fairy. So fair I've assigned one large extra credit assignment, and I made a small one that we'll do in class tomorrow. And I'll probably do another project which will be a grade-booster, but it won't be optional. :)

And we are going to review the heck out of these last few chapters before the final!

Other than that, teaching is good. :)

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