Saturday, October 23, 2010


Wow, was I wrong about my last post.

I'm pretty sure that thing have improved with the girl who I had the issue with, let's call her Jane. She wrote on a homework assignment a week or so ago that she was seeking help from the university's mental health services. I realized right away that the previous comment was not personal and this could be why. I wrote on her HW that I was glad she told me, but we probably should find a better way of communication for things like this.

I gave a test on Thursday (which they all did horribly on... more on that later). She stayed after the test (and patiently waited until everyone was finished) and approached me. She was shaking and turning red, and said she was scared to approach me, and that I was the last professor she talked to. That made me feel AWFUL, and we continued to sit down and have a long conversation about what's been going on. I'm pretty sure we've cleared the air between us, which is such a relief. She told me her mental state is showing in her work, and that is why she has been doing so poorly. She feels as if she's failing (she's not, in fact, there are still students who have lower overall scores than her). I tried to reassure her and we'd work something out in the form of extra credit or re-takes. I told her that French shouldn't stress her out and that not to get worried about it.

I mean, I never worried about French as a student. Until now... but as the professors like to tell us, "That's grad school."

Anyway, so problem is 75% solved. The remaining 25% shouldn't be too difficult - I need to try and find a fair way to boost her grade.

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