Thursday, September 23, 2010

Teaching while Sick.

I'm stuffy, sneezy, and my voice is all weird. Not really great conditions for teach students how to speak and pronounce. So, I started the day with this on the board:

"Aujourd'hui, je n'enseigne pas. Je suis malade, j'ai un rhume. Nous jouons un jeu." (Today, I'm not teaching. I am sick, I have a cold. We're playing a game)

Why did this work? Here: They know the first word, they just learned how to conjugate -er verbs (enseigner and jouer), they learned to look up meanings of the words they didn't know, (enseigner, malade, rhume), they just learned how to make things negative (the ne...pas part), they also just learned the verb etre (suis), and pronouns (je, nous). And, all of these elements (save the three words they didn't know) are on the test which is their next it worked out PERFECT. And then we played a review game: Jeopardy.

It went a little slow... they got into a little bit, with Final Jeopardy and Daily Doubles. For the first time, I felt like they actually spoke to one another (group activities have been awkward so far). I gave the winning team +2 points on their test.

After the game, we had about 30 minutes (out of 75) left, and I let them ask any questions they had. That lasted about 15 minutes. So they (and me, too!) got out a little early, with no homework but to study, we reviewed..and I didn't have to do all that much talking.

Win-win, I think, no?

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