Monday, August 30, 2010

Deep breaths!

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching.


I'm really, really nervous. I wasn't expecting to teach. I thought a TA was just an assistant to a professor, somebody who did the grading, who set up the powerpoints, who did recitations and tutoring. I had zero idea I'd have my own class, that my name would be in the Registrar's website as an instructor.

Granted, my first class is practically scripted for me. I have to do this Bonjour/Salut sequence (which is really going to scare the crap out of my students) and then talk about the syllabus. My class period is 75 minutes long, and I'm totally worried that the entire thing will take 5 minutes and I'm going to "Umm" for the next 70.  I'm more worried about the second class.. that's all me.

I hope I have enthusiastic students. I already have people dropping and adding and all that fun stuff. As of this second, I have 19 registered. That's not awful...but it will seem like 10000 when I'm standing in front of them.

My classroom...who knows what it looks like. It's in the old armory building. The campus' military group people are based there, it's under MASSIVE construction (I tried scoping it out today but there's no entrance whatsoever), and there's a gymnasium. It's probably hot, not high-tech, etc. Oh joy.

So, here we go, FREN1161, Elementary French I. Hopefully my students will be able to say more than "Comment allez-vous?" in 16 weeks.